Arden Tree Farms has celebrated its 65th year in business.

What started out with Art and Norman Mikalson (and their father, Ernie) and a couple of small sawmills, has blossomed into what is now one of the largest private family owned timberland companies in Washington State.

Arden Tree Farms has been a mainstay in the forest products industry. Its named derived from the fact that the company used to own the sawmill in Arden, WA.

The mill was sold to Plum Creek in the seventies and now is owned by Boise Cascade. When Mikalson’s sold the Arden mill, the company kept its land holdings, thus creating what we now know as Arden Tree Farms.

Arden Tree Farms management philosophy has been handed down through four generations. Starting with Ernie Mikalson in Montana then on to Art and Norman Mikalson, then on to Floyd Pitts and now on to his son, our current General Manager Jeff Pitts. Their belief in environmental/wildlife/forestry health continues to be recognized as stellar, not only locally but also on a state and nationwide basis.

Not only has Arden Tree Farms been an outstanding steward of the land, but it is very active in local and community oriented projects. Arden Tree Farms wants to take a moment to thank our community we live in for their support, and also recognize those who came before us, starting this company, and those who continue to run it, with nothing but the utmost respect for the trees growing on it, and the water running through it. Here’s to another 60 years of forest management that benefits everybody.

Looking up in all circumstances

ATF Presidents/Chairmen (Past and Present)

Norman Mikalson

Richard Smith

John Bjorkman (Current President)

Scott Postma (Board Chairman)