Caring for the Land

How does ATF manage their timberland? Here is a statement that sums up our approach to timberland management.

What's left on the land is more important than what's taken off.

ATF leaves a significant amount of timber standing after harvest. This has been our approach for decades and is not about to change anytime soon.

Want proof? We have 2 harvests to show you.

Here is a drone video of a property that was harvested in 2021.

You will notice the significant amount of tree leftover. ATF takes the largest and any sick tree from the stand. This leaves the smaller trees to grow at an accelerated rate since they have more space.

And secondly, here is an aerial view of our property that was harvested in 2010: (image taken in 2015)

Hard to believe it was recently harvested?  That is how we like it. There is still a plethora of harvestable stock remaining on the land.

The small-medium sized trees remain and will continue to grow, now at an accelerated rate since there is less competition.

We rely on natural seed regeneration for all our properties, where possible.

We harvest this way for several reasons.

  1. It provides for a great habitat for animals, which often have a symbiotic relationship with the trees, and land.
  2. Creating space between the trees allows the remaining trees to grow at an accelerated rate.
  3. The remaining trees provide seed, and occasional shade (during the hot summers) for growing new trees.

Do you have timberland you want to sell?

Give us a call to discuss the options.